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Less is more: minimalist web design

by | Oct 10, 2022

If you are tired of all the undesired information you are slammed with every day, you might already know why less is actually more. Minimalism is aimed to bring pleasant, effortless and time-saving experience to your website visitors, by eliminating useless visual elements and focusing on flat design.

Simplicity is the key

Simple websites with fewer but meaningful options can bring much more value than a page full of non-functional distractions. A minimalist website is elegant, contains only essential information and is easy to navigate.

Focus on the purpose

An important principle of minimalism in the web design is focusing on the main content. This means that when a user enters your website, they should instantly understand what is its purpose. You might have already experienced that when entering our website.

Negative space

One common element of the minimalism is the negative space. This is literally the empty space between elements. By using negative space, the most important features of your website can easily be recognised by the user.

Limited colour palette

The less is more rule is also valid when it comes to the choice of colours. While it might be difficult to stick to just a couple of colours out of the vast variety we have at hands, that is a crucial part of the minimalist approach. Like images and graphics, colours can add visual satisfaction and bring attention to your content. Moreover, we have to choose carefully and focus on high contrast and excellent content readability.

Fewer images – better user engagement

Images are a great way to present a product, idea or just to engage your audience by bringing certain emotions or memories. However, according to the minimalist ideology, images should be picked wisely. They have to be consistent with the overall style and purpose of the website and must not dominate over the rest of the content. You don’t want your visitors to overlook important information. Too many images can also slow down your website’s performance.

Don’t underestimate typography

No matter how awesome your website design is, inappropriate font can easily damage the good impression. Typography can grab even more attention than images when combined with the negative space, so we should not undervalue its power. Needless to say, the font should be readable and not too sophisticated. A good example of minimalistic font is Helvetica – one of the most widely used.

While we follow the above-mentioned (and more) minimalism guidelines for our designs, there are multiple other factors that need to be taken into account. At, we build unique minimalist designs tailored to your needs, following the latest web design trends.

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